Milestones in Post Production


Designed and implemented the largest “Editroid” Picture Editing System, capabilities included: laser disc picture, digital audio, 10 camera lockup, and extensive audio editing (“I’ll Do Anything”) 1993.

Designed and implemented a Production Audio System for musicals. Capabilities included: synchronized playback, digital audio editing, EDL generation (I’ll Do Anything”) 1993.

Created a business plan and managed the first Major Studio Department for Non-Linear Picture Editing (Digital Picture Editorial, Sony Pictures Studios) 1992.

Designed and implemented the first networked AVID Picture Editing System. Two workstations capable of accessing all Dailies (“The Net”) 1994

Delivered first “Digital Dailies” (AVID Mediastation Telecine) to picture editorial department on removable hard drives (“The Net”) 1994

Designed and supervised the creation of the first mobile networked AVID Picture Editing Systems. A 42’ pop-out trailer with audio & video input/output from set and film cameras, 138 GB hard disc storage, Betacam, SVHS, digital audio, 3000 Wt. UPS, 2 AVID Film Composers, Media Share, custom air conditioning, power generation and distribution (“Assassins”) April 1995

Designed and supervised the post production system used to produce the Grand Alliance HDTV Demo for the United Stated Congress and FCC (August 1996).

Designed and implemented first IP based Remote Collaboration System for TV Series. Capabilities included remote AVID editing, story conferences, remote direction of run-throughs, and viewing of quad split during live film shoot. (“Joan Cusack Show”) September 2000.

Designed in collaboration with Panasonic, the first Non-Linear HD Digital Dailies System: “Rush Play”. Installed two PB Systems on feature films ("Human Stain" & "Bulletproof Monk") and one Encoding System at post facility (Eyes Post, Toronto) in March 2002.

Co-developed with Ascent Media Group, “UpDrive” a second generation Non-Linear HD Dailies System. UpDrive was used by “Pirates of the Caribbean 2 &3”,  “Domino”, “Déjà Vu”, “Freedom Writers”, “The Feast of Love” and “Game Plan”. It was adopted by Disney as the in-house MPEG2 Dailies review system. (2005 -2007)

Design and install a remote controlled 3 infrared camera system with sneak mics to capture audience reactions during recruited screenings. The system was directed live by film director during screening. The studio walked out with VHS of Picture in Picture of preview and simultaneous audience reaction shots. (“Lovewrecked”) 2005

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